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Jews for Allah

By AbdurRahman - Posted on 24 February 2007

This is a wonderful website about Jews who have made the break from their divisive cultural tradition which Allah has abrogated, to finding the one true path.

On their homepage you will see Joseph Cohen who later became Yousef al-Khattab. YouTube also has a series of videos about him and his family. Here's a 3-part video in which he tells about his conversion to Islam: Jewish Convert to Islam  [Part 1]  [Part 2]  [Part 3]

There's also a page called Jewish and Muslim History of Love which has a list of articles about the historical reality of Jewish-Muslim relations around the world, not the modern zionist picture with heavy spin that is propogated in the West by various political lobbies in order to drum up financial support among ignorant evangelical Christians for Israeli terrorist activities in the Holy Land.